The Google wave

Skirmishes are on the increase for Google and the other digital giants. In Europe, the United States and as far as Australia, regulators and legislators are worried about strengthening their dominant positions and increasing their dizzying profits. The Gafams exercise such a hold on the economy that they seem to be out of the control of political powers – this is crying in tax matters. But this situation may turn around.

On Tuesday, the US government launched legal proceedings against Google for abuse of a dominant position, particularly in Internet search services. On the same day, the European Parliament voted in favor of strict regulation of digital champions. Two weeks ago, it was the Antitrust Committee of the House of Representatives in Washington which called for drastic measures. He accused the Gafams of slowing down the race for innovation, of limiting consumer choices and of weakening democracy.

These giant companies will of course do everything to thwart the regulation of their activities. But the tide is turning and could lead them to compose. In the United States, fundamental debates are developing on data protection, the role of the State, social cohesion, the common good. While society seems to be cracking up on all sides, a sense of political urgency could weaken the power of libertarian ideas, dominant for forty years and which advocate selfish individualism and the rejection of collective rules. It was on this wave that the Gafam thrived. Maybe she will slowly sag.


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