The government wants to largely redeploy free breakfasts at school

The government wants to expand the scope of eligible schools.

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Breakfasts for everyone? To reduce food inequalities at school, which have an impact on learning, the government announced to AFP on Monday March 15 its intention to redeploy free breakfasts. Launched two years ago, the initiative was hampered by the health crisis.

This measure, included in the poverty plan announced in 2018 by the President of the Republic, initially concerned “priority territories”. To benefit from it, schools had to be voluntary and be located in a REP (priority education network), REP + or political districts of the city or even certain rural areas.

In 2019-2020, some 153,000 students benefited from it, 2.3 days a week on average, according to the offices of the Ministries of Health and National Education. But last year, the health crisis slowed down its deployment, it was pointed out in the cabinet of Nathalie Elimas, Secretary of State in charge of priority education.

The government wants to expand the scope of eligible schools. From now on, it will be the Social Positioning Indicator (IPS), a quantitative tool for measuring the social situation of students, which will indicate which establishments can benefit from the free breakfast. The budget for the measure, set at 12 million euros for a full year, could be increased to 46 million euros depending on the requests of the communities, which will be mobilized with education stakeholders.

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