The Greek-Catholic Primate of Ukraine thanks the Pope

On Saturday March 26, the day after the prayer of consecration of Ukraine and Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary by Pope Francis, the Greek-Catholic Archbishop of kyiv, Msgr. Sviatoslav Chevtchouk sent a video message of gratitude: “We experienced a special day that will probably go down in history as the day of pan-Ukrainian and universal unity. On Friday, we were all united in prayer. »

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He warmly thanks the Pope for his initiative: “We have been called to this prayer by the Holy Father, who is the symbol and servant of the universal unity of the Church of Christ. With him we united in prayer and in the act of a special consecration of Ukraine and Russia to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary. In this prayer we have experienced union. »

Marian shrine

On this occasion, the bishops of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church met in Zarvanytsia, the national center of pilgrimage to the Virgin Mary. “The bishops of the Greek Catholic Church outside Ukraine also joined us in union, all the bishops of the Catholic Church joined us yesterday, prayed for the victory of good over evil, for the end of the war “specified the Ukrainian archbishop.

Before this moment of prayer, the Ukrainian bishops met in extraordinary session in the Marian shrine: “We have come together to coordinate our actions, explains in his message the primate of the Ukrainian Church, to understand how best to serve together our people, our defenders, our country. » This meeting allowed the Greek-Catholic bishops to take stock, one month after the start of the conflict: “We listened to each other, we tried to understand the most pressing needs. Our Church is with its people, in prayer, in work, in tireless social service for all who need it today. »

Displaced populations

The bishops spoke in particular of the accompaniment of people displaced within the country itself who, in order to get away from the combat zones, have left their homes: “With their children, fathers and mothers, embarked on an unknown journeyinsists the Major Archbishop of kyiv. And the Church of Christ opens its arms wide and welcomes everyone, offering a home and a roof to every needy person. »

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Bishop Chevtchouk finally recalled the military situation on the 31st day of a war which he describes as “cruel and unjust” : “Blood continues to flow on Ukrainian lands. However, Ukraine is united, it is united in the desire to live in a free and independent country. And Ukraine prays. » An intervention confident in the resistance of the Ukrainian people: “The unity of the whole Church, solidarity, service are the source of hope and the foundation of our victory”concludes the head of the Greek Catholic Church, attached to Rome.


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