The hour of life offered

If you feel orphaned by the hour lost in the night from Saturday to Sunday, if you feel it is an intolerable injustice to have this hour stolen from you in the middle of your sleep, don’t panic, the Intermarché house has excellent news. for you, which I hasten to communicate to you: “To help you regain that lost hour, we are offering you an hour of life. » An extra hour of life, to be added to the counter of all the hours which, in the end, will have made our life! Say, they are strong, at Intermarché. And by what miracle, please? “By what miracle? (It’s the Intermarché ad that answers, editor’s note). Simply thanks to our drive or our home delivery service which allows you to do your shopping without wasting time at the checkout or on the shelves. » Great.

The words have no more meaning

Although… Wait a minute. A free hour, for me, correct me if I’m not mistaken, it’s a free hour. Or else the words no longer have any meaning. But this hour supposedly earned because supposedly offered, it is all the same me who pays for it, since I do indeed pay for my shopping, whether it is done at the drive-thru or on the shelves. So it’s not free. So it is not offered. It’s not even on sale, this supposedly free hour. Yet they know how to do that, at Intermarché, promotions on this or that. Well there, nothing, zero promo, we pay full pot, the hour offered. Refund!


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