The incredible saga of Crispr, the tool that modifies living beings

STORY – Today we can manipulate the DNA of bacteria, plants, animals, and of course, our own. For the good?

This article is from Figaro Sciences, “The DNA Revolution”.

Le Figaro

A great breakthrough that brings hope to millions of patients around the world, thanks to a revolutionary therapy based on a tool called Crispr-Cas9: in the spring of 2021, a clinical trial on patients with severe forms of sickle cell disease has been shown to be successful. In a year and a half, the patients’ symptoms subsided, and they were able to do without the blood transfusions that kept them alive.

Sickle cell anemia, also called sickle cell anemia, is an inherited genetic disorder affecting hemoglobin. The DNA of patients has, here, been “corrected” thanks to a new treatment developed by a biotechnology company created by the Frenchwoman Emmanuelle Charpentier. A scientist who, precisely, received the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 2020 for the discovery of this innovative Crispr.

The tool that copies and pastes in DNA

But then… Crispr, what is it? The name is obscure. Its pronunciation – “Tension”

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