The inner passageEssential travel in Alaska

Alaska. By kayak, independently. To see bears and whales. The story lived in 2019 by Maxime de Lisle of an expedition to the end of the world, carried by the magnificent direct color pages of Bach Maï, which will lead him to commit to the defense of the oceans.

First book by the two authors, The Inside Passage is a moving testimony, reflection on our human condition in the middle of a powerful and wild nature. It is also a practical guide for those who wish to embark on such an adventure, with magnificent documentary boards dotting this story. A long-term journey crossed by the awareness of the extreme fragility of our planet, which we invite you to follow during the coming weeks.

To find out more about Maxime de Lisle’s journey and his commitment to the ecological association Sea Shepherd, the podcast “A badly wrapped gift” is available on Ausha:


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