The Kapil Sharma Show: When Ajay Devgan pulled up on being a child, Kapil gave this answer when he was ashamed

Kapil Sharma is soon making a comeback on TV with his comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’. The show will launch on August 21. In the first week, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn will be the guests of Kapil Sharma. The makers have released the promos of both the episodes which are doing the rounds on social media.

Meanwhile, the makers have released another promo of Ajay Devgan’s episode, in which he is seen thrashing Kapil badly. Ajay Devgan takes a jibe at Kapil Sharma’s show closure and becomes a father for the second time. On this, Kapil Sharma’s face turns red with shame. Then he gives such an answer that Archana Puran Singh starts laughing with his hand on his mouth and Ajay Devgan laughs with a smile.

‘The show closed in January and had a baby in February?’
In the promo, Ajay Devgn asks Kapil Sharma, ‘Your show was closed in January didn’t it?’ Then Kapil says that this season was closed in January. On this Ajay says, ‘And in February did your child also happen?’ Then Kapil replies, ‘The product was released in February, didn’t it? Shooting was going on for 9 months.

Kapil trapped in the affair of pulling Ajay’s leg
Seeing Kapil’s opportunity, he tries to pull Ajay. He says, ‘In this film (Bhuj) Ajay sir made a runway in 3 days with 300 women. So Paaji, Nitin Gadkari didn’t call you to take the highway contract yourself? Hearing this, Ajay Devgan says with alacrity, ‘I did not call but you tweet only. You are very fond of tweeting big people, don’t you?

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Let us tell you that in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ live audience is also returning from this new season. Due to the Corona epidemic, audience cutouts were used in the last season and the audience was removed from the studio. But now this time it is coming back. However, only those audiences will be allowed in the show whose vaccination has been completed. Social distancing will also be kept in mind during the seating.


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