The key to success: Discipline and dignity should always be kept in mind in relationships, otherwise things get worse.

Safalta Ki Kunji: Chanakya Niti says that one should always be cautious and serious in matters of relationship. Those who do not do this and do not pay attention to it, they have to face problems later.

According to scholars, a person should always keep some things in mind regarding relationships. Because when any relationship or relationship is affected, it affects the person’s mind and brain. Sometimes individuals start feeling sad and stressed about the problems in the relationship, which also harms the health.

Lord Krishna says in the Gita that if you establish a relationship, then you should try to fulfill it with full devotion and love. Care should be taken regarding relationships. Scholars believe that every relationship is important. This relationship can also be of father-son relationship. It can also happen to husband and wife. Every relationship is important for life.

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Never exceed limits in relationships
According to scholars, those relationships last only for a long time, in which full care is taken of the limitations. Those who do not take care of the limits, they face problems. Every relationship has its own limit, no matter how close the relationship is, but the limit should never be crossed. When the dignity of any relationship gets hurt, it does not take long to break the relationship. Relationships should be saved from breaking. Relationships are made with difficulties. So maintain the dignity of every relationship.

maintain discipline
Take special care of discipline in matters of relationship. Discipline plays the most important role in maintaining a good relationship. Discipline should never be broken in a relationship or relationship. Every person is respected, it should be taken care of.

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