The Legion of Honor rewards caregivers

The new civil promotion of the Legion of Honor, the highest of French national distinctions, rewards a total of 547 people, “Illustrious or unknown to the general public”. Among the decorated is elevated to the rank of commander Professor Jean-François Delfraissy, president of the Covid-19 scientific council, which guides the French government in the face of the pandemic. “All the members of the scientific council are also distinguished in this promotion” of commander, with the exception of two personalities already promoted.

Still in the health and social field – a little more than 15% of the promotion – the former Minister of Health, Agnès Buzyn, executive director of the Academy of the World Health Organization (WHO), is named a knight . Mohamed Abdelatif, vice-president of the French Red Cross, and Eva Thomas, founder of the SOS incest association, are also promoted to officers.

Nathalie Becquart, Luc Crepy and Pascal Gollnisch knights

This new promotion, the last of Emmanuel Macron’s five-year term, raises only one person to the dignity of the Grand Cross: the former minister André Chandernagor. High officer Bruno Lasserre, vice-president of the Council of State; Christiane Cabalé, deportee resistant; Claude Griscelli, former Director General of Inserm; women’s historian Michelle Perrot; and the medievalist Michel Zink, member of the French Academy.

Among the religious figures, are raised to the rank of knight, Sister Nathalie Becquart, under secretary of the synod of bishops; Mgr Luc Crépy, Bishop of Versailles; and Mgr Pascal Gollnisch, director general of l’Oeuvre d’Orient. In the field of associations, notably appear Nicolas Truelle, general manager of Apprentis d’Auteuil and the lawyer Mario Stasi, president of the League against racism and anti-Semitism.

Ambassador David Martinon knighted

The list gives pride of place to the public sector (30% of the decorated), notably distinguishing David Martinon, who, as French Ambassador, organized the exfiltration of French nationals and a certain number of Afghans during the capture of Kabul by the Taliban (knight).

Among the political figures are the former Minister of the Interior and Mayor of Lyon Gérard Collomb (officer); the mayor of Dijon and former minister of labor François Rebsamen (knight); and Samia Ghali (signet ring), deputy mayor of Marseille.

Conductor Betsy Jolas promoted to Commander

In the field of culture, the composer and conductor Betsy Jolas, has been promoted to Commander; are appointed Officer Antoine de Galbert, collector of contemporary art and patron; Martine Cligman, known as Martine-Martine, patron and visual artist; and Jean-Louis Prat, exhibition curator.

Knights are named Danièle Bour, illustrator of children’s books, co-creator of the series of albums “Petit Ours Brun” published by Bayard; historian Pap’Ndiaye, director of the National Museum of Immigration; Nathalie Obadia, gallery owner; Jean-Michel Othoniel, visual artist; and Patricia Petitbon, lyric artist. Former athletes Isabelle Demongeot (tennis) and Jean Tigana (football), are also named knights.

Economist Jean-Hervé Lorenzi promoted to Commander.

In the economic field (nearly 30% of the decorated) the economist Jean-Hervé Lorenzi is promoted to Commander. Former President of Medef Pierre Gattaz, chef Thierry Marx and Xavier Musca, Managing Director of Crédit Agricole and former Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic under Nicolas Sarkozy, are promoted to officers. For their part, the ex-minister of culture of François Hollande, Fleur Pellerin, is notably named knights; the former chief of staff of Édouard Philippe in Matignon, Benoît Ribadeau-Dumas; the creative president of Free, Xavier Niel; Yves Rocher CEO Bris Rocher; the new CEO of Saint Gobain, Benoît Bazin; and the director of sustainable development of Schneider Electric, Gilles Vermot-Desroches.

Founded by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802, the Legion of Honor now has 92,000 members, civilians and soldiers, rewarded for their “Eminent merits in the service of the nation”.


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