The long march towards employment for the long-term unemployed

In December 2021, Steven de la Rue, Alix Vasseur and Karim Amram participated in a morning of “remobilization” organized by their Rouen Pôle Emploi agency. Its goal: to restore confidence after a long period of unemployment and to start personalized support with them over the long term.

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“Our support has been relentless: after having taken stock during the morning of remobilization, we saw each of the trainees for a more in-depth and nourished meeting”explains Samir Ghalem, director of the Pôle emploi agency in Rouen Saint-Sever.

He then experimented with this project, in the process of being generalized throughout France, to encourage the return to employment of the long-term unemployed who, if their number decreases within the framework of the improvement in employment figures, see their duration of unemployment will also increase more and more: 689 days at the end of 2021, against 664 at the end of 2020.

“No situation is inevitable”

“The experience is very positive”, summarizes the dynamic agency director, after more than thirty mornings of this kind, and around 300 long-term unemployed people supported. Thus of this young hairdresser that his adviser accompanied the same afternoon to the salon right next to the agency. “It is not certain that by just passing the announcement to him, he would have presented himself”notes Samir Ghalem.

But what happened to the other trainees met by The cross in December ? “I am still followed by Pôle emploi”replies laconically Steven de la Rue, a young warehouseman dad, who, without experience, was struggling to find a job as a delivery driver. “No situation is inevitable, assures Samir Ghalem. For some, it will take four or five months to find a solution, for others it will take longer. »

A cartographer by training but unemployed for five years, Alix Vasseur was looking for a professional immersion experience to reconnect with his profession and the life of the company. “I submitted several applications, but I received no positive response, he confides. I still stay in touch with my advisor who tries to offer me other solutions. »

“I want to stay in Rouen”

She did send him a few offers but, most of the time, they did not correspond to his very specific profession, often confused with that of surveyor or topographer. “We are exploring all possibilities, even approaching companies to identify their needs because it often happens that they have not thought of these unknown profiles”explains Samir Ghalem.

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Another difficulty for Alix Vasseur: some offers that could have matched were located too far away for him. “Because I want to stay in Rouen”he explains, while acknowledging the need to widen his search radius a little. “Next month, I will look at what is possible from twenty minutes to an hour around Rouen, and also on the train lines. »

If mobility is often an obstacle in the search for employment, Samir Ghalem nevertheless warns: “She does not decree. For example, this will not be possible for a parent in joint custody, he explains. And sometimes you have to revise your project. »

“The most important thing is to be on the move”

After several meetings with his adviser, Karim Amram chose to extend his research radius to the Paris region, where many lawyers like him are sought. “By looking in Paris, I managed to land several interviews, and others are soon planned”welcomes the young lawyer who is still waiting for some feedback before taking stock with his adviser.

“Each time, there are a lot of candidates: that worries me a little”nevertheless tempers the one who therefore continues to train via online courses “on cybersecurity or contract law”. “I have to convince the recruiters in front of me of my employability”, insists the young man, a little reserved, who has benefited from training to improve in maintenance. But, he admits, this journey started with Pôle emploi will have been positive for him, even if he has not yet found a job: “The most important thing is to be on the move and not remain in a wait-and-see position. »


Recruitment forecasts remain high among executives for 2022

Despite the war in Ukraine and the gloomy outlook for global growth, the dynamics of executive recruitment should remain strong in France in 2022. According to the barometer of Apec (Association for the employment of executives) published on 27 April, Executive hires are expected to be 282,000 this year, the same level as in 2019, an all-time high.

Concentrating three-quarters of hiring intentions, the service sector should see recruitment increase by 5% compared to 2021, against only 2% in industry.

But recruitment difficulties have further increased in the first quarter of 2022, with 69% of companies saying they are concerned, compared to 61% a year ago. Last year, one in five companies would have even been forced to abandon their recruitment project, for lack of candidates.


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