The mayor of Nice Christian Estrosi joins the Horizons party of Edouard Philippe

The Horizons Party is one of the components of the “commune house” of the presidential majority.

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A first national political figure joined Edouard Philippe. The mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, founder of the La France audacieuse movement, announced Wednesday, December 1, his rallying to the party of the former Prime Minister of Emmanuel Macron, Horizons. The mayor of Nice left Les Républicains last May before announcing his support for Emmanuel Macron in early October.

“By joining Edouard Philippe today within Horizons, I am joining the only organization which can legitimately claim today” the legacy of the RPR and the UMP, said Christian Estrosi.

The Horizons Party is one of the components of the “commune house” of the presidential majority, baptized Together citizens! officially inaugurated on Tuesday and which brings together under one banner different parties revolving around Emmanuel Macron, including LREM and the MoDem, in view of the 2022 elections.

For Christian Estrosi, “there is no incompatibility in showing (my) gratitude” to Emmanuel Macron and “to say to you: ‘yes I am on the right and I no longer apologize for it”. “I am committed with you my dear Edouard (Philippe) and you my friends everywhere in France to defend our heritage and to carry our values ​​of the right and the center”, added Christian Estrosi.

Edouard Philippe is “glad” the rallying of the mayor of Nice. The mayor of Le Havre, who considered that France has “need for order, movement and projects” warned that “the next five-year term, even if the president (Macron) is re-elected, will be difficult”.

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