The Medef proposes a “big bang” of unemployment insurance

As the government prepares to open discussions on the reform of the governance of unemployment insurance, the Medef is proposing a real ” big Bang “ who aims “To rediscover the spirit of chemically pure paritarism”, explained Thursday, May 6 its president, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, in front of the journalists of the social information.

“The negotiations on unemployment insurance with the social partners have been placed under the effective control of the State, while employee contributions have been replaced by the CSG and the resources put to the vote of the Parliament”, he notes.

→ THE FACTS. Unemployment insurance: partial entry into force of the reform on July 1

During the health crisis, the leaders of Unédic even learned in the press the expenses that the State asked them, in particular to finance the partial activity. “The regime has accumulated 54 billion euros in debt and has been paralyzed by the growing role of the State”, points out the president of Medef.

A two-stage system

Faced with the state’s desire to take charge of unemployment insurance, the Medef therefore offers a two-stage system. A “base”: a solidarity scheme managed by the State, in consultation with the social partners, financed by taxes (in particular the CSG), and paying a third of the current allowance; and a “complementary insurance plan”, managed by the social partners via a new “Association for interprofessional employment management” (Agile).

Currently 80% funded by Unédic, Pôle emploi would only be 15% funded by the insurance scheme, a way of assuming its public service character and the fact that it is also responsible for job seekers outside the private sector.

The Medef also suggests that the State take over two-thirds of Unédic’s debt, with Agile retaining only the part due to the management deficit of the current regime. On the other hand, it would be required to “Golden rule of expenditure / revenue balance”, imposed thanks to “ an abandonment of the State guarantee on the loans contracted ”.

→ TRADE UNIONS. Mobilization against unemployment insurance reform

The fact remains that, currently, employees no longer finance unemployment insurance through contributions, but via the CSG: the new system will therefore raise the question of a possible return of employee contributions. “In an insurance system, I pay to be insured. Today, employees do not have the impression of paying, at the risk of losing their attachment to the regime ”, underlines Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, who puts to discussions with the unions the care of finding “A neutral solution for employees”.


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