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The Ministry of Labor extends the youth guarantee

It was “Hard to be 20 in 2020”. So the government is strengthening the youth guarantee for 2021. Élisabeth Borne, Minister of Labor, presented on Monday February 16 the modalities for extending this device to members of the National Union of Local Missions (UNML).

Created under the Holland five-year term, the youth guarantee covers young people aged 16 to 25 who are not “Neither in employment, in studies nor in training” a monthly allowance (of a maximum amount of 497 €). In return, the beneficiaries undertake to follow an intensive integration program in a local mission.

As part of the youth plan, the government plans to double the number of beneficiaries of the youth guarantee in 2021 to 200,000. The entry conditions and the terms of implementation of this system will therefore change to reach a minimum. greater number of young people excluded from employment. Tax autonomy vis-à-vis parents will no longer be an absolute obligation. This administrative constraint repelled some for its complexity and its consequences on parents’ income. Advisors will be able to ” exceptionally “ themselves attest to possibly precarious situations and breakdown vis-à-vis the family.

The resource ceiling for eligible people can now be assessed over the last three or six months, “According to the most favorable assessment” for each. Last development: the duration of this course will now be flexible and can range from nine to eighteen months, instead of twelve currently.

Mélanie Luce, president of the student union Unef, welcomes measures “Which go in the right direction »But pleads for the extension of the RSA to under 25 years. The government prefers for its part to work on the creation of a “universal youth guarantee”, in which these arrangements are part.


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