The numbers of the letters

Wait, how many letters are there already in the Greek alphabet? Don’t move, I’ll check. Ah, there you go: twenty-four. And so, while we are still discovering the charms of the Delta variant (we are talking about the Covid, there), we are told the arrival of the Omicron variant. I point out that delta is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet. And omicron the fifteenth. Why did we go directly from the fourth to the fifteenth (by zapping, for example, zeta, eta, theta, iota, kappa or lambda, which are not without interest)? Mystery. At this rate, we will quickly have exhausted the resource. Because omicron, well, okay. But how will we do when we get to omega, say next month? Me, I say that not only the WHO sinned by optimism, by choosing the Greek alphabet (three or four variants, said the WHO to itself, and hop, finished the Covid, good riddance, we will be able to move on to something else). But in addition, by going directly from delta to omicron (by depriving oneself, therefore, of eleven possibilities), it’s downright a waste. And who is it that will end up with its beak in the water? So I ask the question: why not have chosen from the outset the most extensive alphabet, allowing you to see coming, without quickly running out of ammunition? I have a suggestion. When it comes to omega, let’s adopt the longest alphabet in the world: the Cambodian alphabet. That is to say seventy-four letters. In my opinion, it should. Or…


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