The octopus is not the lobster’s friend

Whatever it costs us, we have to face it: the octopus is not the lobster’s friend. Oh no. He also doesn’t hate crabs, spider crabs or scallops. But it is clear that he has a weakness for lobster. A very big weak. However, the south coast of Brittany has been the object, for several months, of a furious invasion of octopus. Who, therefore, get their hands on the lobsters. According to fishermen, an adult octopus can make two to three per day. At this rate, if the invasion continues, let’s imagine, please, what threatens us: a world without lobsters. A life without lobsters. Yes sir.

Okay, let’s face it, the octopus itself isn’t bad either. The fishermen who catch them in their nets sell them at a very good price to the Spaniards, who love them. But what will become of us if the lobster disappears from the face of the earth (well, from the sea) and, consequently, from our plates? Far from me, you can imagine, the idea of ​​speaking badly about biodiversity. Not that, not me! But, well, if biodiversity has the consequence of seeing the raging octopuses start to eat all the lobsters (starting with the Breton lobsters), this is all the same which can give rise to some thoughts. This world, let’s face it, is decidedly very complicated. As the philosopher Woody Allen says: “The wolf and the lamb will share the same bed. But the lamb will not sleep much ”.


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