“The opera”, the dance between shadow and light


Episodes 1 and 2 Tuesday, September 6 at 8:40 p.m. on OCS Max

For ten years, she has been part of the very closed circle of stars of the Paris Opera but Zoé no longer shines on stage. At 35, the dancer sinks into a nightlife tinged with drugs, alcohol and fleeting encounters.

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The arrival of a new dance director, Sébastien, challenges her to regain her former level, the only way to escape the layoff that threatens her. At 19, Flora took her first steps as a “supernumerary” in a company that struggled to accept its black skin.

Mirror of a fascinating universe

Woven around these three protagonists, Opera, a new production from the OCS channel, was largely shot in the temple of dance, the Palais Garnier. This majestic setting is one of the major assets of this series written by Cécile Ducrocq and Benjamin Adam. Despite the avalanche of disappointments, not very credible in their excess, suffered by Zoe, the intrigues are shown to be rather well orchestrated.

The star dancer, bruised by her endless fall, is played by Ariane Labed, whose skin-deep sensitivity embraces the seismic emotions of her character. Close to her, Suzy Bemba shines as a young artist full of enthusiasm and hope, while Raphaël Personnaz portrays a dance director full of ambitions but devoured by the scale of the task.

Despite the warning which underlines its fictional character at the opening of each episode, this character and many others – like this dancer tired of waiting for a star title yet deserved – are obviously not without recalling some faces that marked the ballet in recent years.

The series also has the merit of highlighting questions, such as that of racism, long taboo but today finally faced by the institution. Despite the few regrets aroused by the aridity of the dance sequences, the viewer will easily be delighted by this plunge into a universe of infinite power of fascination.


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