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As a teenager, I read with passion everything about the remains of Atlantis, the extraterrestrial signs of Nazca, the Templar treasure with Grail and Baphomet, everything that was in The morning of the magicians. I didn’t believe it any more than that, it was for me a complement to my passion for science fiction, for extraordinary stories, and I don’t remember having believed it a moment after closing the book where it was told. I do remember, however, the exaltation of the sign that was mine, this intense pleasure of the revelation, the moment of aligning the clues into a hidden explanation that solves the mystery, it was like a relief, a throw of helium in the chest, and the feeling of having understood everything. I guess it’s the same for the detective novelist when it comes to solving the puzzle, I guess because I don’t read much of it, finding no interest in finding out the identity of the assassin when we have Atlantis under our feet.

It passed me, but I keep an amused curiosity for all the nuts of this sort who have now left the small niche of genre literature to flourish on the Internet. Free access, alas. I’m scared that these things are taken seriously. When a cousin of mine told at the table that he was very interested in this affair which had just been revealed, that the Americans had not been to the moon, since an image showed their flag flying while there is no wind up there, and he was going to check, I told myself that we had gone too far. William Karel made it a hoax documentary, Operation Moon, where tongue-in-cheek he says it had all been filmed by Kubrick, but it was a joke, it was never meant to be taken seriously.

Bruno Latour, philosopher of science, explains that scientific truth is slowly constituted thanks to a complex chain of concepts, observations and results, each link in the chain verified, carefully connected, and subjected to criticism by the scientific community . A UFO photo, alone, is not a fact since it is not included in such a web of senses, which is what UFO enthusiasts do not understand. I have the photo in my hand, don’t I? Yes, but a photo is not proof of anything, science does not work like that.

This is the Internet problem, everyone gets involved in everything, everyone wants to give their opinion on everything, and common sense, the thing in the world best shared since everyone thinks they are sufficiently provided with it, becomes truth maker. Examples abound, with each event its plot. Examples ? From one photo to another, a reflection seems to change the color of the rearview mirror of a terrorist car… Weird, isn’t it? It’s another car… Why did they change it? Of course, no one asks the question of the sources, we do not question the photo. A terrorist loses his identity card in his car. Do you lose your identity card when you carry out an attack? Strange… We will notice the futility of the appeal to common sense to evaluate such an experience.

In the movie Hold-up, last version of reality-fiction before the next one, we show a patent on the detection tests for Covid-19 dating from 2015 … So they knew the virus … filed in addition by a certain Rothschild, we have the good story … but the patent of 2015 had a general scope, and the mention of Covid-19 is an addition that dates from 2020 … Little is known about patents, we are happy to point out a date. Date of what? It doesn’t matter, it’s Rothschild.

In a world where the individual is both the measure of all things and powerless to control his destiny since tossed about by forces that exceed him, we would like to have taken. In a world invaded by disjointed information to which we find no meaning because thought is slower and more complicated than a news feed, we would like to understand. In a rather worrying world because we feel that it escapes us, we would like to identify the responsible. So we want at all costs not to be fooled, we are looking for a will, a causality, all known things that we would like to apply to the way the world works. We would like some common sense.

Conspiracy is the desperate attempt of the individual to take control of his destiny, and to create a community of savvy. When it was in harmless little books, it amused me a lot; now that we believe it, it scares me a little.


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