The police vs the city

Greg, Yass and Antoine are police officers from the anti-crime squad in the northern districts of Marseille. All three play the cowboys willingly but live badly not being able to accomplish their mission in a city given over to criminality. Amel, a drug dealer who serves as an informer, can help them take down a network of drug traffickers. Its information is paid for in kilos of cannabis. With the agreement of their hierarchical superior, the trio set out on a drug quest to prepare for the biggest blow of their career.

Cédric Jimenez, director of French and HHhH, who grew up in Marseille, was inspired by the scandal of the BAC Nord in 2012 – eighteen police officers implicated for drug trafficking and theft in meetings – and questions the responsibility of the police institution. The film is located as close as possible to the police, and the trio formed by Gilles Lellouche, François Civil and Karim Leklou works wonderfully. The action film, pumped up with tremendous energy, in particular during the scene of the assault on the city, doubles as a societal film with a perfectly controlled frame.


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