The Pope for civil union between homosexuals: “A way to put an end to hypocrisy”, according to the editor of a Catholic magazine

The Pope knows that there are homosexuals in the Vatican and that civil unions are “legion” there, affirms Gino Hoel of the Catholic review Golias. According to him, this position “will upset all this conservative, even reactionary, fringe that exists in the Church”.

In a documentary, Pope Francis spoke out in favor of a civil union for same-sex couples. It is the first time that a pope pleads for the Pacs and related formulas. “It is also a way for the Pope to put an end to hypocrisy”, estimated Thursday, October 22 on franceinfo Gino Hoel, editor of the Catholic review Golias.

franceinfo: Is this announcement an upheaval?

Gino Hoel: This is a clear indication from the Pope which shows that he is not for marriage but that he is for a civil union. This is an idea he already had in Argentina but his colleagues did not agree. I think that this will comfort a certain number of priests and bishops who work with homosexual people but that it will upset all this conservative, even reactionary, fringe that exists in the Church.

Had the Pope ever been so affirmative on this subject?

So far the Church is against any union between homosexuals, the Pope has shown several times that he is not as closed as his predecessors towards homosexuals, that the Church should welcome them. He just repeats what he has already said, except that there he says they must be legally recognized. This is very important because in France 25 years ago, or a little less, we had a certain number of Catholics marching in the street against the Pacs. So today you have a step forward, it is undeniable.

There are priests and bishops who must have slept badly last night because they are organizing homosexuality healing sessions. Gino Hoel, editor of the Catholic magazine Goliasto franceinfo

Some are completely homophobic. So the pope’s words must upset them.

Can this block the Conservatives?

This can block but at the same time Francis always relies on the people. He receives homosexuals, transsexual people, so I think that if the blockage comes from people in the structure. We know that civil unions in the Vatican are legion. I think it’s also a way for the Pope to put an end to a hypocrisy that he has noticed. He knew that there were homosexual people in the Vatican.

What’s going to happen ?

You already have conservative American bishops who explain that the Pope can say whatever he wants, the teaching of the Church has never changed, but I think that can really change things. In the field, there are people who will feel supported and see their work strengthened. Like the Germans, they may be able to celebrate blessings for people of the same sex. There are already priests who do this in secret.

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