The Pope urges “to be vaccinated” and castigates “suicidal denial”

Pope Francis announced on Saturday, January 9, in an interview with the Italian television channel Canale 5, that he would be vaccinated ” next week “. “Next week, we will start to do it here (in the Vatican, editor’s note) and I made an appointment, we must do it”, he said in this interview which is to be broadcast on Sunday January 10, but extracts of which have been published by the channel.

Faced with the vaccine, “There is a suicidal negationism that I could not explain, but today we must be vaccinated”, insists François. “I believe that from an ethical point of view everyone should be vaccinated, it is an ethical choice, because what we put at risk his health, his life, but also the lives of others”, he explains in this interview.

A measure deemed essential to protect François

The Vatican announced in early January the launch of its vaccination plan against Covid-19 in mid-January. “It is expected that the vaccines will arrive in the State in the second week of January, in sufficient quantity to cover the needs of the Holy See and the City of the Vatican State”, could we read in a text published by the health directorate of the smallest state in the world. The Vatican had indicated to prioritize “To health and security personnel, older people and personnel most frequently in contact with the public”.

On this occasion, The cross had indicated to have learned that the entourage close to the Pope and the Pope himself will be vaccinated very quickly. A measure considered essential to protect François, 84 years old and having undergone, in his youth, the removal of a lobe of the lung following an infection. A measure considered essential to protect François, 84 years old and having undergone, in his youth, the removal of a lobe of the lung following an infection.

“We grew up in the shadow of vaccines”

“When I was a child, I remember that there was the polio epidemic, due to which many children remained paralyzed and we were desperately waiting for a vaccine (…) When the vaccine came out we gave it with sugar ‘, remembers the Argentine Pope in the interview at Canale 5. “Then we grew up in the shadow of vaccines, against measles, against this, against that, vaccines that were given to children”.

“I don’t know why someone says, ‘No, the vaccine is dangerous’, but if the doctors present it as something that can be good, that does not present special risks, why not do it? “ asks Pope Francis.

Equal access to the vaccine against Covid19

Internationally, the Vatican has been particularly active, for several weeks, to promote equal access to the vaccine against Covid-19, in particular in the poorest countries. Since the summer, the Pope has warned several times that the product is not the prey of national “egoisms”.

In a note published Tuesday, December 29, the Holy See also considers that vaccination is the “moral responsibility” of everyone: “It is necessary to recall how this question involves a relationship between personal health and public health, showing their close interdependence. “

“Stunned” by the violence that took place at the Capitol

In this same interview, Pope Francis said to himself “Amazed” by the violence that took place on Capitol Hill in Washington. Even in “More evolved environments there is always something wrong”, There are some people “Who take a path against the community, against democracy, against the common good”, he said, believing that “this movement must be condemned”.


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