The proposals of “Social Weeks” to rebuild society

Education, health, work, ecology, housing but also the digital divide, international solidarity or local democracy… It is an impressive – and fruitful – list of proposals in “eight priority sectors” that the Social Weeks of France issued on Sunday, November 29, in the form of an ambitious “Manifesto of commitment”. Fruit of two years of reflection “On the social and territorial inequalities which undermine our country, on the crumbling of society into islands no longer communicating”, the document was published after the 94e edition of a rally which was held this year exclusively in digital form for three days, sanitary conditions require.

Béatrice Wettstein, new director of the Semaines sociales de France

Commit to rebuilding society, that is our ambition », Indicate the authors of the Manifesto for the commitment, before specifying the source and the contours: “Do not give in to defeatism and discouragement. Find the strength and the reasons to act. By drawing from the source of the social thought of the Church, the vital principle of our association, we want with others to work to mend our torn social fabric ”.

The proposals of

In this perspective, several headings are thus set: “ regain confidence in ourselves and in our institutions ”; “Take care of each other”; “Rethinking the exercise of democracy”; “Create a dialogue between ecology and social justice”.

But the Social Weeks of France, chaired by Dominique Quinio, former director of The cross, It is not just about expressing wishes, however noble they may be.

A triple commitment from everyone

They set out twenty-eight proposals, based on greater attention than today to subsidiarity between large institutions and intermediate bodies, on the need to better educate, better train and better inform and on the objective of more recreation. consensus in society through strong and innovative ideas. While they do not intend to constitute a “government program”, these suggestions are intended to be concrete and applicable in the more or less long term, even if some call for structural changes. They are based on attention to the poorest and migrants, on the fight for justice and against inequalities and on the imperative of more sober and ecologically responsible consumption.

To help their implementation, the association calls on everyone to make a triple commitment: personal commitment, “Made up of a host of small everyday actions” ; civic engagement, “that is to say an approach aimed at better understanding the world in order to live in it better and play its role therein, in particular through voting and participation in political life and associations; requirement vis-à-vis those in charge (political, economic, associative).

The latter will undoubtedly read with interest the proposals which appear in the “Manifesto” of the SSF, most of them resonating strongly with the problems which appear regularly in the news. Of “No longer leave young adults leaving Social Assistance for Children without support at the age of 18” at “Theobligation to respect a ratio of 1 to 20 between the net remuneration of the lowest salary and that of the highest within the same structure ”, through the “Launch of a citizens’ convention for health on the model of the climate convention


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