The questions

You can no longer set foot in a shop (and God knows that we often set foot in a shop, in this period of intense gift hunting) without immediately a saleswoman, a salesman jumps you on the coat and launches you: “If you have any questions, don’t hesitate! “ We have just entered, we did not even have time to look and here we are, we are invited not to hesitate if we have a question to ask. In case we don’t think about it ourselves. In case we’re so dumb, so stupid, that the last thing that crosses our mind, if we have a question, would be to think of asking it.

All we ask, in the meantime, is to be able to take the time to look, to dream, to imagine. Before, possibly, asking the questions that we may eventually ask. But we don’t have time: don’t hesitate to ask your questions! And too bad if, precisely, we hesitate. If you want to take the time to hesitate. I wonder if this formula (no doubt taught to all apprentice salespeople) is not, in reality, totally counterproductive, even downright dissuasive. If the client, thus summoned to ask questions, immediately, does not lose until the desire. Let go of my bunch, I didn’t do anything to you! No but. Or, seller friends, do it with a sense of humor, like Woody Allen: ” The answer is yes. But what was the question ? “


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