The rise of Voices from Overseas

Villers-les-Nancy (Meurthe-et-Moselle)

From our special correspondent

On the stage and behind the scenes of the Jean-Ferrat room, the atmosphere of the master class is studious. Faced with Patrizia Ciofi and Fabrice di Falco, the young singers refine the tunes and ensembles of Tales of Hoffmann of Offenbach. Benevolent but demanding, the two teachers correct their students, pointing out a too vague diction, a hasty phrasing, a sound “which remains narrow instead of going towards the public”.

On March 31 (1), these artists at the start of their careers will perform large extracts from the romantic and fantastic opera created in February 1881. A project led by Nancy Opéra Passion, in collaboration with Les Voix des overseas , through their annual competition and their educational activities, have set themselves the task of revealing overseas talents at a national level, to put them in contact with the players in the music industry: agents, theater directors, record companies, etc.

This year, the Guadeloupean soprano Déborah-Ménélia Attal is part of the cast, embodying with great sensitivity one of Hoffmann’s lovers, the singer Antonia: “I love the duality of this woman torn between her love and her dream as an artist, until she lost her life. The exchanges with Patrizia Ciofi who interpreted the role were invaluable, both on the vocal technique and on the psyche of the character. »

His colleague Clara Bellon measures herself against the pyrotechnic vocalizations of Olympia, a mechanical doll for which the naive Hoffmann ignites. “I only arrived in France when I was 20, says this native of Reunion. So I had to build everything. Benefiting from the advice of experienced professionals like our two “masters” is a great opportunity! »

What encouragement then to hear Patrizia Ciofi congratulate her on “the incredible richness of its luminous timbre”. “Take the time to root yourself to the ground, continues Fabrice di Falco. What you give is already very good, but we feel that you can offer us even better. » From words to deeds: Clara Bellon takes up the second verse of the virtuoso aria with freedom and panache freed from their gangue.


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