The secret of Mouni Roy’s beauty is hidden in these rules, she has been following for years

In terms of beauty, Mouni Roy can compete with the big actresses of Bollywood. On the strength of his acting, fitness, Mouni Roy has completed the journey from small screen to big screen with success. To maintain her beauty, Mouni Roy has been following a very strict routine for the last several years.

According to media reports, Mouni Roy follows certain rules regarding skin care. These include regular use of day and night creams, applying sunscreen at least twice a day, remaking makeup at night, consuming 3 to 4 liters of liquid throughout the day and taking a healthy and healthy diet every day.

Sunscreen is important

Mouni considers sunscreen essential and must apply it before exiting the house. She says that if you invest money in the right sunscreen, then it saves you from many problems. During makeup, Mouni Roy takes care that makeup does not overshadow her skin health. For this, do not forget to remake makeup before bed every day.

Attention to food

Mouni pays special attention to her food and drink. She consumes fruits every day. The fruits she regularly consumes include cucumber, kiwi, apple. Banana is part of their daily diet. Many people believe that eating bananas leads to weight gain. This is not entirely correct. It depends on how and at what time you are eating bananas. Eating bananas at breakfast or in the afternoon at snack time helps in giving adequate nutrition to the body.

Mouni applies cream according to the need of the skin both times of the day and periodically hydrates the skin with different ingredients. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water every day and taking liquid diet is included in their routine.

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