The secret of protein folding revealed by Google

A Google artificial intelligence can predict the 3D structure of just about any molecule encoded by the human genome. A major advance which opens up a considerable field of possibilities.

“Incredible”, “revolutionary”, “bluffing” … When they talk about the AlphaFold platform, unveiled a few days ago by DeepMind (a subsidiary of Alphabet, Google’s parent company), specialists have no shortage of superlatives. This artificial intelligence tool is able to predict the structure of almost all of the proteins encoded by the human genome. This opens up new perspectives, particularly in medicine, most therapeutic products targeting proteins. After the publication of the human genome in 2003, the availability of almost all of this human “proteome” could mark a new turning point for biomedical research.

Fundamental constituents of living things, proteins regulate the functioning of each of our cells. They are essential for all biological functions, from digestion to neuronal communication and reproduction. Enzymes, hormones, receptors, transporters… Proteins are everywhere.

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