The secret to maintaining physical activity is… to feel free to do it!

PSYCHOLOGY – Maintaining your motivation is a path strewn with pitfalls. One of the keys would be to cultivate one’s autonomy, which is much more effective than constraint.

“It’s decided, I’m taking care of my health and I’m getting into sport! » Like every year, you may have decided to make good resolutions. And like every year unfortunately, your motivation didn’t last very long… A lack of will? Not only…

First, motivation is much more than a “binary ‘I’m motivated’ versus ‘I’m not motivated'”, explains Mathieu Gourlan, research engineer in the prevention department of the Montpellier Cancer Institute, who wrote a thesis on physical activity in adolescents with obesity observed through the prism of the theory of self-determination (TAD, a theory psychology that explores the mysteries of human motivation and considers that the will has little to do with it). In fact, you have to imagine a continuity ranging from motivations that generate a strong sense of autonomy and freedom, to those that cause a strong sense of control and constraint: motivations…

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