The Senate brings changes to the bill on the health pass

While in several cities of France, thousands of people demonstrated against the health pass, the Senate on Saturday July 24 made several substantial changes to the bill providing for the extension of the pass, excluding minors in particular and reserving it for spaces interiors, in fact exempting the terraces in particular.

An amendment, adopted during the first reading of the bill on new anti-Covid measures by the upper house, removed the reference “At least twelve years old” provided in this device to reserve it for people “Major”.

This amendment tabled by LR senators, including Henri Leroy, had received an unfavorable opinion from the government, but also from the LR rapporteur of the Law Commission, Philippe Bas.

A pass reserved for confined interiors

The senators also approved another amendment, from the socialist Marie-Pierre de La Gontrie, still against the advice of the government and the committee, reserving the obligation to present this pass only to interior spaces. “Confined”.

Other amendments change this flagship but controversial device intended to deal with the outbreak of contaminations by the delta variant.

Thus, the senators want to postpone the implementation of this pass for public places from August 30 to September 15. The 50-person gauge for establishments open to the public (ERP) should according to them be calculated on the number of people present, not on the capacity of the place.

the “risk of doing nothing”

The president of the LR group in the Senate, Bruno Retailleau, had warned before the vote of these amendments against the “Risk of doing nothing” in “Multiplying the exceptions”.

Secretary of State Adrien Taquet, representing the government, estimated that it would be “Irresponsible to empty of its substance” these measures.

These provisions may be removed in a joint committee or in the continuation of the shuttle.


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