The three queens

Elizabeth I, the conquest

The definitive victory of Anglicanism, the final defeat of the Spanish Invincible Armada, the creation of the London Stock Exchange, the establishment of the East India Company and the support of William Shakespeare… During his reign (1558-1603 ), England is being built and revealed to the world.

The three queens

Victoria, the power

She gave her name to a conventional Puritanism of which England still retains the heritage, even when it comes to defying it. The long reign (1837-1901) of Victoria, also Empress of India, coincided with the Industrial Revolution and the height of world power of the British Empire.

Elizabeth II, stability

His reign, which began in 1952, is already the longest in history. At 94, the sovereign embodies her country for all things. In the great winds of change, the queen strives to maintain the permanence of a United Kingdom which is finding it increasingly difficult to remain stable.


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