The traditional rush to the shops on the last Saturday before Christmas has taken place

“The best deals are always made at the last moment”, confides a man crossed Saturday, December 19 in a shopping street of the 15th arrondissement of Paris where followers of the last minute flock. We feel a little nervousness. If many customers have bought more on the internet than usual because of the containment linked to the Covid-19 epidemic, it is still necessary to supplement.

In this large toy store, we approach the gauge of 105 customers “but it is very rare that people wait outside”, assures Jessica Derouet the director. “We have multiplied the payment systems to make things go faster”, explains this boss who has found a smile: “It’s the biggest Saturday of the year. Catching up with November is going to be complicated but indeed, we have seen in recent days that customers are there and things are starting to pick up a little more. is super satisfied. “

Here the average basket is 50 euros as last year at the same period. Kelly will pay more than usual. “Given that we are teleworking, that there are no more open restaurants, I had more budget, she explains. So this year, I made my loved ones doubly happy “. More packages also for Daphnée, a mother of a family who feels the need to mark the occasion.

“There is less budget available but it’s a little Christmas crack.”

Daphnée, a Parisian mother

to franceinfo

“Easily 300 to 400 euros more, admits Daphnée, pBecause we need to create a little Christmas spirit in a few days. We will increase the time for unwrapping gifts and shared moments “.

An XXL hood where “made in France” and board games are popular. Marek young daddy will have to reduce the number of gifts, “no half but I think a good third, easy”, he confides. “Already because we do not necessarily go to see everyone and also because we earn a little less with these stories of partial unemployment. We are a little less generous but the heart is there!” And to remain reasonable, Marie, a single disguise box under her arm, innovates this year with her relatives: “Everyone makes a nice gift to a person chosen at random. It is not a system that we used to do. It is a little indecent to continue to make purchases in abundance in a context like that”.

However, the context does not prevent solidarity. On the sidewalk opposite, the Salvation Army pot collects 10% more donations than last year.

Jérôme Jadot went to meet the followers of the last Saturday of races before Christmas. Reportage.

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