The university, place of debate

The students of Sciences-Po Grenoble who denounced two of their teachers as Islamophobes could not have done better to provide help to their supervising minister, Frédérique Vidal, at the center of a heated quarrel after having resumed at his account of certain speeches denouncing the weight of Islamo-leftism at the university. Everything is there. Simplistic slogans: “Fascists in our lecture halls” and “Islamophobia kills”. People designated by their name in public. Unions who relay this deplorable denunciation – before, let’s face it, going backwards.

The case sadly illustrates the rise of intolerance in French society. This does not only concern the university but the whole of the public debate. Under the amplifying effect of the media and social networks, a quarrel that could have remained local and settled locally becomes a national event with political speeches that make matters worse. However, we must be careful that such controversies are born within universities, which should, on the contrary, be the place par excellence of controversies respectful of the positions of the other.

→ EXPLANATION. Judicial investigation after accusations of Islamophobia at Sciences-Po Grenoble

In addition, the tension within the faculties is not limited to what concerns Islam. It also touches on the heritage of colonialism, the question of racism, gender studies, bioethics … So many subjects which have a very legitimate place there but on condition that they give rise to a debate in which all positions can be considered. ‘express as soon as they are argued. Those who want to silence opinions they do not share betray the very vocation
of the University.


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