The user told Rajkummar Rao – don’t be a hero, in return the actor’s answer will win your heart

Actor Rajkummar Rao has made a different place in the film industry with his best performances. Today he is considered one of the most sought after actors of Bollywood. He will soon be seen in Arbaaz Khan’s chat show ‘Pinch by Arbaaz Khan’.

Recently a promo of the show was released and in this Rajkumar is seen answering the comments of some fans. One user wrote, ‘Look brother, you are a super duper actor, don’t be a hero! Sorry to see you sad.’

What did the actor say?
To this the actor gave a lovely reply and said, ‘This is because they think you should act, please. We love you as an actor. There are many others, you please focus on acting.

Don’t work where you don’t get respect
Next to this another fan’s comment was shown in the promo. It reads, ‘My humble request, please do not do such projects where your art does not get respect. In many scenes it is clear that you did not get honest feedback and creding that matched your potential. Actors like you are priceless to us. Save yourself.’

not proud of some movies

To this Rajkumar replied, ‘I have done a couple of such films in my life which I am not proud of. Even if I didn’t, I could walk. There are some films which are for the box office, there are some films which are for life.


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