The woman of the 3rd millennium and her place in society at the heart of a photo exhibition at the Docks of Marseille

It is not the women of the 80s but those of 2021 who are in the spotlight in this unique exhibition presented at the Docks Villages. They smoke, have their breasts redone, wear sexy lingerie, do housework … but what is their place in the 3rd millennium after all? This very feminine exhibition not only allows you to admire beautiful pictures but also to wonder about the way we look at women today.

The starting point for this exhibition was very simple: how do you see the women of the 3rd millennium? To answer this question, Marie-Laure Bardy-Lamorinière, the curator of the exhibition spotted artists, mainly photographers, on the internet and then contacted them.

"La Femme 2021 - Women of the 3rd Millennium"& nbsp;  (France Televisions / France 3 Marseille / ArtsMarseille)

The photos are now displayed on the walls of the Docks Village and show a plural woman, a combative woman, who must continue to make her place.

“It is really necessary that the place of the woman is not given but that she grants it to herself”, says the commissioner. “And that was the theme of this poster, the woman of the 3rd millennium. Are we still the shadow woman, are we still just the passing woman? that we do not have a place in the art world but also in today’s society, what is our place, how do we look at ourselves? “

His questions are numerous and the answers, if they exist, can be found in each of the photos. Among the clichés to discover is the puzzle woman, who works, raises her children and sometimes has to be a mistress or even the woman watched with a magnifying glass.

"La Femme 2021 - Women of the 3rd Millennium"& nbsp ;.  Woman Puzzle and Woman under a magnifying glass (France Télévisions / France 3 Marseille)

Man is not, however, completely excluded from the exhibition. It even occupies an important place since it is he who is on the poster. A wink or irony on the place of men in our society … Each woman will have her own idea!

Exhibition poster: & nbsp;"La Femme 2021 - Women of the 3rd Millennium"& nbsp;  (ArtsMarseille / Galrie Charivari)

Until March 23
10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
“La Femme 2021” exhibition organized by Arts Marseille
The Docks Village
10 place de la Joliette
13002 Marseilles

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