The worst is not certain

Of course, we are seized with a feeling of déjà vu. But, once past the natural weariness in the face of the persistence of the epidemic, this eighth crisis speech by Emmanuel Macron presents at least two novelties. First, behind the president begins to emerge the candidate. As evidenced by its desire to put systemic pension reform back on the table “When the health situation permits”, that is to say probably during the campaign. Then, because in eighteen months, one point has radically changed: we collectively have the means to keep this epidemic at bay. Let us remember, in the spring of 2020, to govern was to face uncertainties and shortages. Today, we no longer lack masks, or gel, or – above all – vaccines. Emmanuel Macron rightly recalls that 9 million doses are available immediately. As for the uncertainties, they are fading: epidemiological models allow us to predict the risks we run if we do not act. At the start of summer, a new wave seems inevitable, but the French, by their behavior, can limit the impact. It is up to each of us to lie the odds. The decisions of the executive are certainly important. The compulsory vaccination of caregivers, confirmed last night by Emmanuel Macron, is likely to limit the risks of saturation of hospitals. The same goes for the extension of the health pass and the restrictions on reimbursement of tests. But doing, as he says, ” The choice of trust “, the Head of State emphasizes that at this point, the fight against the virus is no longer so much a question of public policies as of individual awareness.


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