These 11 things become the cause of infection, after touching them, you must wash your hands

Health Care: The risk of diseases spreading due to infection increases during the rainy season. Because in this season, bacteria and viruses get a favorable environment to flourish. Even though you wash your hands frequently and take care of hygiene, but still there are many such things used in daily life, which most people ignore and this carelessness done unknowingly can lead to infection. becomes the reason. Here are 11 such things, after touching which most people do not sanitize their hands or wash their hands with soap.

1. Notes and Coins
Most people who know about health and infectious diseases and take full care of hygiene, do not sanitize or wash their hands after touching money. Whereas notes become a major cause of infectious diseases. During the Kovid infection, many such cases came to the fore, when people got caught by the virus due to money.

2. Doors of the house
Most people do not clean their hands after touching the door handle or knob. Whereas they become a big reason for spreading infection.

3. Car Doors
It is true that hardly anyone opens your car except you, but every time you touch the door of your car, how many places have you touched before that? Then you would not know how many types of bacteria or viruses came on the door of your car while standing in the parking lot or passing an infected person nearby. That is why it is necessary to sanitize hands after sitting in the car.

4. Car Steering
If you touch the steering with infected hands after opening the car door, then even bacteria-viruses will get full space to make their colony on it. Which can infect you later.

5. While Shopping
While shopping in super markets, you touch the handle of the gate very carelessly to enter, when the guards ask you to sign, you sign with a pen comfortably. Do you think that how many people will touch this door handle and this pen… Caution is necessary. Keep your pen and sanitize your hands after touching the door.

6. Your Pets
If you have pets in the house, you touch them hundreds of times a day. But do you sanitize your hands after lovingly petting his fur? Most people don’t do this.

7. Menu Card
Before ordering food in restaurants and hotels, most people touch the menu card with both hands and then as soon as the food arrives, they start eating without cleaning their hands… it is risky, you must have understood what you should do .

8. Your phone
You will be surprised to know that there are as many dangerous bacteria on your phone as a toilet seat… so clean the phone at least twice a day with a sanitizer wipe or disinfect it in any other way and after touching the phone before eating anything Or make sure to sanitize hands before applying hands on the face.

9. Keys and Cards

Home and car keys are at great risk of spreading infection. Because their cleaning is rarely given attention. The same happens with Aadhar card, PAN card and ATM card etc. After using how much space we keep them in pocket just like this and this carelessness can be heavy.

10. Your Kitchen
There can be as many dangerous bacteria in the kitchen as in the bathroom. Especially on the scrubber that cleans your dishes, there is a whole colony of bacteria. Therefore, pay special attention to cleaning and drying them.

11. Home Switches

There are many places in the house like light, fan switch, AC remote, refrigerator door, where the most touch is done but we are very careless about their cleanliness or say that we never pay attention. While these places are most likely to spread infection.

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