These 5 mistakes can make a mild infection of corona dangerous, don’t forget to do this work

Omicron Variant : The cases of Omicron variant of Coronavirus are increasing rapidly. In such a situation, it is important not to ignore even mild symptoms when infected and start treatment after getting tested immediately. A mild infection can take a serious form due to carelessness about the disease. According to experts, take some necessary precautions when infected with the new variant of Kovid-19.

Do not ignore the symptoms
Omicron infected complain of sore throat and fever for the first three to five days. During this, there can be fever up to 102-103 degrees. Complaints of body pain and headache are also being seen in people. Keep an eye on the common and severe symptoms of corona. Take even mild symptoms seriously. Do not treat it like a viral fever. Get the Kovid test done immediately if you see any signs.

Take medicine only on the advice of doctors
Take medicines only on the advice of doctors. Do not use steroids unnecessarily. If you take medicines without the advice of a doctor when corona is infected, then the disease can take a serious form.

Delayed test will increase the disease
Most of the people get the test done late. This can aggravate the disease. Do not delay in testing and pay attention to the symptoms seen in the body immediately. Be in isolation before and after the test.

If there is a problem of high BP and diabetes
Corona dominates more on patients of high BP or diabetes, so such patients are advised to be more cautious. Most cases of Kovid-19 start with mild symptoms, but the infection can take a serious form as the mutant strain progresses.

Control symptoms from day one
According to doctors, patients should try to control it from day one. Do not ignore the symptoms of Kovid-19 at all and during recovery take special care that the symptoms do not take a serious form.

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