These are easy home remedies to strengthen loose teeth, use them

When discussing health and fitness, we emphasize on nutritious food and effective exercise. But during this time, we forget about teeth, that they help the digestive system by breaking food into small pieces. If it is said that we give very little importance to the health of our teeth, then it will not be wrong.

Desi tips to strengthen loose teeth

As a result of our negligence, there may be a hole in the teeth, gum disease, broken teeth, sensitive teeth and loss of teeth. Their treatment is full of obstacles and is likely to take time. Therefore, it is necessary to first try to stop it. However, people have often been seen struggling with loose teeth due to aging, bacterial build up of dental plaque and non-healthy lifestyle. Apart from the doctor, you can do some home remedies to give the necessary strength to your teeth.

Amla powder- Amla is a perfectly tried food item. Whether it is used for hair or for health, eating amla can enhance your way of looking. Its powder can help support the supporting tissue of the teeth. With regular use, the tissue will recover and regenerate, which will result in a strong tooth. For that you take a small bowl, mix one teaspoon of amla powder and 2 teaspoons of water in it. Mix well to remove lumps. When thick, remove the paste slightly on your toe and massage your teeth and gums with it. Follow this process once a day.

Calcium and Vitamin D supplements- Calcium and vitamin D have an important role in the structure of teeth. With increasing age, if you eat foods with low calcium and vitamin D, then the effect will start to appear on your teeth and bones. To prevent the health of your teeth from deteriorating, add calcium and vitamin D supplements to your daily diet after consulting a doctor.

Garlic It is used regularly in most Indian homes to enhance the taste of food. The benefits of better health for our teeth are hidden in garlic. Strong anti-microbion element is found in it. If your loose teeth are the cause of bacterial attack, then garlic will fight it and will help to remove harmful microbes. For this, it is necessary to take one grain of garlic, peel it and cut it into two pieces. Place a piece near the affected area in the center of your gum. Allow the juice to be covered over the teeth. Leave it as far as possible. Try this desi recipe 2-3 times in a day.

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