These damages can be caused by eating more bananas, know the side effects of eating bananas

Banana is such a fruit that only benefits are there, but if you eat more bananas than you think, then it can harm you instead of benefit. Banana is liked by everyone from children to elders. But you have to set your own limit for eating bananas. If you eat 1-2 bananas a day, then there is not much problem. If you work hard, you can also eat 3-4 bananas a day, but eating more bananas can also cause many problems. Today we are telling you about the harm caused by eating more bananas. know.

Disadvantages of eating too much bananas

1- Constipation problem- Eating ripe banana clears the stomach, but if the banana is a little unripe, it can cause constipation. Eating banana makes the motion tight. Therefore, do not eat raw banana and eat ripe banana in a limit.

2- Motopa grows- You can also become fat by eating more bananas. Banana contains fiber and natural sugar, if you eat it with milk, then weight increases.

3-Stomach pain and acidity- Eating bananas on an empty stomach can also cause stomach pain and gas problems. Banana contains starch, so it takes time to digest it. Due to which there is complaint of stomach pain. Many people also get vomiting due to this.

4- Increases sugar level- Eating bananas can cause a lot of harm to people who have diabetes. Bananas contain natural sugar, which can increase the sugar level. Therefore, people with more sugar should eat less bananas.

5- Other disadvantages of eating more bananas- Tooth decay can occur if you eat bananas in large quantities. Bananas contain the amino acid tyrosine, which is converted into tyramine in the body. This can trigger a migraine. People with asthma should also eat bananas in the limit. Many people may have bloating and other allergies by eating bananas.

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