These diseases are common in the summer season, know the symptoms and methods of prevention

By the way, some minor illness can happen in every season, but the summer season brings with it many dangerous diseases. In this season, a little carelessness can put a lot on health. In fact, there are some diseases that occur only according to the weather, such as cold, phlegm, flu are common symptoms of cold, similarly the risk of dengue, malaria increases with the arrival of monsoon. In the same way, diarrhea is more likely to cause food poisoning. Not only this but also heat and dehydration can make people sick due to strong sun and sweat in this season. In such a situation you should know which diseases you are vulnerable to, and how to avoid them during the summer season.

Understand heat diseases
Sunstroke means heat stroke In medical definition, the condition of sudden increase in body temperature is called ‘hyperthermia’. This is one of the most common diseases occurring in the summer season. If you stay in the hot sun for a long time, then you may be in the grip of heat.

Symptoms of heatstroke Symptoms include high headache, high fever, vomiting, rapid breathing, dizziness, weakness or fainting, frequent urination. Never quit on an empty stomach. Stay hydrated as far as possible and cover your head in the sun. Stay indoors from 11 am to 4 pm.

Food Poisoning This is also a common heat problem. It is caused by eating contaminated food or drinking water. In this season, bacteria, viruses and fungus grow rapidly. In such a situation, if some kind of bacteria, virus, toxin goes inside the body, then food poisoning can occur.

Symptoms of food poisoning- His symptoms include abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, fever and body aches. In this, not only cramps cause stomach pain, but diarrhea and vomiting also begin. Therefore, it is important in this season to avoid eating roadside food, raw meat, food being sold in the open, cold food, stale food.

Typhoid- Water-borne illness is caused due to drinking of contaminated water or sorbet. Symptoms of the disease usually manifest when infected bacteria enter the body with water.

Symptoms of typhoid- Symptoms include high fever, loss of appetite, severe abdominal pain, weakness. To prevent the disease, children are vaccinated with typhoid, which can also be given to men. Apart from this, medicines have to be resorted to for treatment.

Measles- This is a very common disease in summer, it is also called rubella or measles. Its spread is almost like chicken pox. Paramyxo virus spreads this disease which remains active in summer.

Symptoms of measles Symptoms include phlegm, high fever, sore throat, eye irritation. In this, white rashes are formed on the whole body. The only way to avoid this is MMR vaccination.

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