These eight preconceived ideas circulating about anti-Covid vaccines

DECRYPTION – Too recent, developed too quickly, dangerous, capable of modifying our genetic code, ineffective … There are many concerns for some French people. Overview.

The vaccine campaign against Covid-19 is in full swing, with more than half a million injections performed every day in the country. But resistance persists, a certain number of people hesitating to be vaccinated, preferring to wait, or refusing it outright. “Le Figaro” covers eight arguments, wrongly put forward, against vaccination.

1. “Vaccine development has been botched so we can’t trust them.”

Pandemic or not, drug marketing requirements have remained strictly unchanged for currently authorized vaccines against Covid-19. They have not escaped the various regulatory stages, which they have successfully passed. It all starts with preclinical testing. “It is first necessary to prove that the product is well tolerated and effective in animals in order to be able to carry out tests in humans.», Recalls Brigitte Autran, professor emeritus at Sorbonne-University and member of the scientific committee on

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