These fruits and vegetables will increase the oxygen level in the body

Air pollution has become a major concern of the world. The reason for this is the smoke coming out of factories and vehicles, which is causing direct harm to your health. Whether you do yoga, exercise or wear a mask, if your body is not getting enough oxygen, it is difficult to avoid diseases. Therefore, it would be a wise decision to use a mask to avoid polluted air. Apart from that, foods that increase the oxygen level in the body are also important. Along with being rich in vitamins and minerals, alkaline is also found in fruits and vegetables. Because of this, some fruits and vegetables work to give oxygen to your body. Include it daily in your diet to never let your body lack oxygen.

banana- A good amount of alkaline is found in both unripe and ripe bananas, as both are not acidic. However, despite its pH value being 4.5 and 4.7, it helps in increasing the oxygen level in the body.

Lemon- Just as Vitamin C protects the body against diseases by giving energy, in the same way lemon also helps in increasing the oxygen level in the body.

Grape- Antioxidants are found in abundance in grapes. It reduces the free radicals present in the body as well as increases the oxygen level.

Papaya- There are countless benefits of papaya. Doctors advise patients to eat papaya. One reason for this is that the pH value of papaya is more than 8.5. Because of this, by increasing oxygen in the blood cells, this fruit makes the patient healthy again.

Mango- Apart from being wonderful in taste, mango also works to increase oxygen in the body. Therefore, make it a part of your diet during the mango season.

Garlic- A good amount of alkaline is found in garlic because its pH value is above 8. For this reason it is advised to eat a grain of garlic every morning.

Cucumber- Due to the good amount of water found in cucumber, it is not acidic at all and helps in increasing the sufficient amount of oxygen in the body.

Broccoli- This green vegetable contains many types of vitamins and antioxidants. Along with that, broccoli is also a very good source of oxygen to the body. Along with broccoli, cabbage is also a good source of alkaline.

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