These gods reside on the banyan tree, this remedy will eliminate the disease from the root

Vat Purnima 2022: Vat Savitri’s fast is on June 14, 2022, the full moon date of Jyeshtha month. On this day, married women worship the banyan tree after doing sixteen adornments. By the way, the tradition of worshiping trees in our country is going on since ancient times. The worship of Banyan tree on the day of Vat Savitri Purnima has special significance. According to religious stories, Savitri did severe penance sitting under a banyan tree to bring back her husband Satyavan. After which Yamraj was pleased and got Satyavan again.

religious significance of banyan

According to religious beliefs, the great glory of the banyan tree has been told. This tree is a symbol of Trimurti, Vishnu in its bark, Brahma in the root and Shiva in the branches. This tree remains renewable for a long time, hence it is also called ‘Akshayavat’. Along with getting the boon of Saubhagyavati, this banyan tree is also worshiped for health. Lord Shiva also used to meditate under the banyan tree by meditating. Banyan tree is rich in many medicinal properties. The banyan tree, which is considered to be like a deity, is considered to be the center of fulfillment of all wishes.

Remedies related to banyan tree

  • If there is loss in business or success in job, then lighting a lamp of ghee under a banyan tree removes all the obstacles.
  • It is believed that if someone in the house is sick for a long time, then keep the root of the banyan under his pillow at night. By doing this, his health will gradually improve.
  • Reciting Hanuman Chalisa under a banyan removes fear and relieves mental stress.
  • Offering turmeric and saffron on the stem of a banyan on Saturday gives chances of progress in business.
  • If negative energy resides in the house, then keep a branch of banyan tree near the temple. Due to this, positive energy is transmitted in the house. Not only this, it can also be kept in the shop or office. will benefit.
  • Tie a white cotton thread on the banyan tree 11 times and offer water. This increases the chances of making money.
  • If there are obstacles in your work, then this remedy of banyan tree can prove to be very effective on Sunday. By writing one’s wish on a banyan leaf and pouring it in the river, the wish gets fulfilled soon.

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