These habits increase the risk of kidney failure, do not forget to do this work

Kidney Failure Treatment: Kidney failure cases are increasing rapidly in India. Often people take headache and stomach pain medicines directly from the medical store instead of taking doctor’s advice. There are many such habits due to which the kidney gets damaged. Today we are telling about those habits which are causing problems in kidney.

1. Eating too much salt
Eating too much salt can damage the kidneys. The sodium present in salt increases blood pressure, which has a bad effect on the kidneys.

2. Eating more non-veg
Meat contains sufficient amount of protein. Consuming a high protein diet increases the metabolic load on the kidneys, which can lead to kidney stones.

3. Over Eating
The risk of kidney damage in obese people is many times higher than that of normal people. Overeating leads to rapid weight gain, so avoid overeating.

4. Too many drugs
The habit of taking antibiotics or more painkillers can have a bad effect on the kidney when there is a minor problem. Do not take such medicines without consulting the doctor.

5. drinking alcohol
Excessive and regular consumption of alcohol has a very bad effect on your liver and kidneys. Too much cold drink is also harmful.

6. Holding urine
When urine is held, the bladder becomes full. When there is a problem of urine reflux, the urine comes upwards towards the kidney. Its bacteria can cause kidney infection.

7. Cigarettes or Tobacco
Toxins start accumulating due to the consumption of cigarettes or tobacco. Due to which there may be a problem of kidney damage. This also increases BP, which affects the kidneys.

8. Drinking more or less water
It is necessary to drink 8-10 glasses of water daily. By drinking less water than this, the toxins accumulated in the body have a bad effect on kidney function. Even after drinking more water, the pressure on the kidney increases.

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