These home remedies will increase eyesight, get rid of glasses

New Delhi Due to the changing daily routine and lack of nutrition in food, people are facing eye problems at a very young age. At the same time, due to sitting on the computer screen in the office all day, many people are facing the problem of reduced eye light, due to which many people have to wear glasses at a very young age.

Due to weakening of the eyes, we often have to deal with the problem of chill. At the same time, due to the installation of glasses, the look of many people also deteriorates, due to the removal of glasses, it is often difficult to see clearly. If you are avoiding glasses and want to take care of your eyes, then you can keep your eyes healthy by taking some home remedies. Because of which applying glasses can be avoided.


Honey of bees is like nectar for human body. To increase the light of the eyes and to maintain good eyesight, wake up daily in the morning and consume fresh amla with a spoon of honey, the eyes get a boost. Amla powder can be used if fresh gooseberry is not available.

Triphala Powder

To increase the light of the eyes, the powder of Triphala gives important yoga. Put Triphala powder in water overnight. After waking up in the morning, filtering this water and washing the eyes provides a lot of benefit.

Carrot intake

Consuming carrots is also very beneficial for the eyes. By adding carrots to your diet daily, the eyesight can be increased. At the same time, drinking carrot juice mixed with amla juice keeps the eyes light on for a long time.

Almonds and Raisins

The use of almonds is beneficial for the mind as well as the eyes. Almonds get vitamin E in addition to omega 3 fatty acids. Which is very important for the development of eyes. For this, soak 8 to 10 raisins with 4 to 5 almonds at night. Consuming them on an empty stomach in the morning is very beneficial.

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