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These new twists will come in TV shows from Anupamaa to Imlie, Suicide will create a ruckus

A lot of fun will be seen in the upcoming episode of TV’s superhit show Anupamaa. Actually, Anupama’s husband Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) has left home and reached Dr. Advait Khanna’s wellness center. Ever since Vanraj left home, he is in dilemma about his family. And he does not understand whether he has made this decision right or wrong. On the other hand, Anupam, searching for Vanraj, reaches Toshu in the same center where Vanraj is.

As soon as Anupam sees Vanraj at the center, he asks for her answers to his questions. Anupama says Vanraj has made a lot of mistakes so far and now you want to be alone, Vanraj stands silently in front of Anupama and does not answer any of his things. At the same time, Anupaman shouts at Vanraj’s behavior and then faints. Then Vanaraja goes to Advaita with Anupama and asks what has happened but he is shocked to hear Advaita’s answer. But till now it has not been clear that Anupaman really has any disease, he will have to wait a little for what will happen next.

Malini will commit suicide in ‘Tamarind’?

Malini is thinking of committing suicide in the TV show Imli. Is thinking about Malini’s suicide because Aditya confesses that he loves Tamarind not Malini. And in the upcoming episodes, the closeness between both Aditya and Tamarind will be seen to be increasing. In the upcoming episodes, we will see that Malini gets very upset thinking that Tamarind and Aditya are getting so close day by day and that is why she will try to commit suicide.

Will the pledge die in the show?

Arhan Behala and Pooja Gore’s famous TV show Man Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2 is about to turn a new twist. Recently a video promo of the show has been released in which a conspiracy is made against the pledge to poison them and kill them. At the same time, plans are afoot to get Krishna married again after Pledge’s death. Krishna’s mother, together with Komal, planned to get rid of the vows. She realizes that Krishna has become a completely different person ever since she married Pledge, and Komal too agrees.

On the other hand, the vows faint on the day of their anniversary. And then after the checkup, the doctor explains that Pledge may have blood cancer and has a few months left. Here, Krishna arranges a romantic dinner to make the pledge special, when the pledge becomes emotional and thinks in mind that this is his last marriage anniversary. Pratigya now plans to choose a right wife for Krishna and a perfect mother for Garava-kirti. Then Meera’s entry takes place. Will Pledge convince Meera to marry Krishna? Will the pledge really die? Will have to wait a little bit to know what will happen next.

Ranveer will enter in Karthik-Serat’s engagement

In Star Plus’ super hit show ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’, Karthik and Serat are soon to be engaged and then everything is about to change. On one hand, Karthik arrives at the engagement match near the boxing match stadium and gives Surrat a surprise. Sīrat becomes very happy. But everyone gets shocked on the day of engagement as Ranveer’s entry will be on this day. Ranveer will take an entry in the engagement of Sirat and Karthik.

Missing someone is going to fall in love

The upcoming episode of ‘Gum hai kisi ki pyar mein’ is going to have an interesting twist. In the coming episodes, it will be seen that Sayi falls in love with Virat. Virat and Say are struggling in their own way. Sai Chavan leaves home and moves to Gadchiroli and thinks she will never return, but Virat takes the challenge of bringing Say back. And then Virat, Gadchiroli leaves to take Say.


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