These people are at high risk of corona, see if you are included in them?

Who Are On Omicron High Risk: Corona in the form of Omicron is again intimidating. Even after lakhs of efforts, the government could not stop this third wave from coming. However, we also have to ask ourselves this question whether the government alone can control this infection? If you ask yourself this question, the answer will be ‘no’. Now the question arises that how can this infection be stopped and how can those who are at high risk of it be saved. So for this, first let us know which people are more at risk of Omicron.

According to health experts, people falling in these two categories are most at risk of getting Omicron.

  • who have not received any vaccine dose
  • those who already have a serious disease

avoid this illusion

  • Some people have maintained the illusion that once they have been infected with corona, they will not be affected by Omicron or any other virus of corona. it’s not like that at all. If your body is weak then Omicron can quickly take you into its grip.
  • Also some people feel that we have got both the vaccines, now we will not have corona. So you should also know that the vaccine is not a guarantee of not being corona. Rather, it is necessary to apply them so that if you fall prey to infection, then you do not become seriously ill and there is no danger to your life. Therefore, even after getting the vaccine, take full care of your safety and hygiene.

Here are the methods of protection

  • If you have not taken a single dose of corona vaccine till now, then get vaccinated immediately. According to media reports, till now there are 100 million people in the country who have not got the vaccine. That is, only such people can become easy victims of Omicron and if so many people become infected with the infection, then once again the situation can become bad. Therefore, leaving all your fears and confusions, definitely get the vaccination done.
  • Those who already have a serious disease, such people should take great care of themselves. Keep hands clean and keep washing hands frequently. Do not touch the face again and again and take a healthy diet. Eat and drink such things in the diet which help in increasing immunity.
  • Start drinking decoction and turmeric milk. Take turmeric milk i.e. golden milk once a day before sleeping at night. While drinking the decoction twice a day is sufficient.

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