These people should not consume turmeric

How To Use Turmeric: We all know that turmeric is very beneficial for health. But in certain situations, turmeric harms our body like poison. That’s why you should know when our body needs to consume turmeric and when we should not consume turmeric. In such a situation, here we will tell you which people should avoid consuming turmeric. Let’s know.

Sugar patients and turmeric consumption- People who are undergoing treatment for diabetes are usually given blood thinners. Along with this, the amount of sugar in the blood is also controlled. In such a situation, if these people consume turmeric in large quantities, then the amount of blood can be very less, which will be harmful for the body.

Do not eat turmeric if you have joint People who have problems of jaundice i.e. jaundice should avoid the consumption of turmeric. Even after your illness is cured, you should start consuming turmeric only on the advice of the doctor. Otherwise, your health may get worse.

In case of stones- People who have frequent stone problems should also consume turmeric only after consulting a doctor.

Bleeding problem- People who have the problem of sudden or continuous bleeding from the nose, they should consume turmeric in limited quantity. Along with this, those who have any other bleeding problem or disease should also not consume turmeric. Or should be done in very small quantities. Because turmeric slows down the process of blood clotting.

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