These people should not forget to consume potatoes, there may be a problem

Potato is such a vegetable which is liked by most of everyone and it is the most prepared vegetable here. Potato is mostly made by mixing it with every vegetable, because potato looks delicious to eat and is also beneficial for health. Potatoes are rich in many beneficial nutrients like vitamin A, potassium, vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and iron. Along with this, amount of carbohydrates, proteins, glucose and amino acids are also found. Ayurveda says that many medicinal properties are found in potatoes, which remove many problems. But eating potatoes is considered very harmful in some problems, let us know in which problems potatoes should not be eaten.

acidityConsumption of potatoes is considered harmful in acidity, if you consume potatoes regularly, then due to this the problem of acidity can increase further. Apart from this, the problem of gas formation can also be caused by consuming potatoes, some people may also have to face the problem of bloating due to consuming potatoes in excess. Due to which doctors refuse to eat potatoes in acidity.

Sugar- People suffering from type 2 diabetes or high blood sugar should avoid consuming potatoes. Potato is high in glycemic index and its consumption increases the amount of blood sugar i.e. glucose in the body. Due to which the risk of increasing the problem of sugar remains.

blood pressure- Blood pressure patients should also consume potatoes in a balanced amount, eating more potatoes can lead to high blood pressure. So such people should eat potatoes only in small quantities.

obesity- People who gain weight quickly, they should not consume potatoes at all, potatoes are very harmful in the problem of obesity, potatoes contain a lot of carbs, due to which the weight increases rapidly, then if you have less obesity. If you want to do this, consume potatoes in very small quantities.

gout disease- Patients of arthritis and gout should consume potatoes in limited quantity, if you are a patient of arthritis, then you should eat potatoes made in less oil and with peel. Potato can further aggravate gout disease.

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