These people were safe in all three waves of Kovid, what is their specialty?

Corona Virus Updates: When the corona virus came into the world in the form of Kovid-19, it created panic in the entire human race. Although corona virus is already present in the body of all of us and many flu and cold are also caused due to this. But the new variant that came in the form of Kovid-19 proved to be very fatal. After this, during the second wave and then the third wave, people were admitted to hospitals in large numbers. Millions of people lost their lives around the world.

However, during Kovid infection, there were some people who were not affected by corona during any of the three waves. There are also a large number of people who are safe from corona, who are associated with the health sector and were taking care of corona patients during the peak of Kovid infection. Now health scientists are doing a big research on these people, the purpose of which is to know what is so special in the body of these people that they can stay away from infection even after living among covid patients.

Andrus Spahn is leading this ongoing research at Rockefeller University, New York. Andrus is a microbiologist and he has selected 700 people from thousands of people for his research. Along with this, separate investigation is being done on 5 thousand people, who have not got corona infection. Tests related to antibodies and infection have been done continuously on these people.

According to a report published in the Washington Post recently, the ongoing investigation on people who have not been infected with corona can get more information about this disease. Because in the investigation reports on people who have got corona infection, it has become clear that some such elements were genetically present in the body of people who were infected with the virus, by forming bonds with which the virus spread the infection. .

In such a situation, after a thorough examination of those who were not infected, it can be ascertained that what genetic elements are present in their body, due to which corona virus infection could not affect them. Because in many research done on different diseases, it has been revealed that there is a relationship between immunity of some people to communicable diseases like HIV, TB and flu and some genetic elements (Certain Genetic Variants). There is a special association, which works to keep these people safe from the infection of these diseases. Now in the investigation on Corona, efforts are being made to find out whether such a bond can exist for Kovid-19 as well.

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