These small hair care mistakes can damage your hair, it can cause big damage.

Hair Care Mistakes: Hair fall problem is very common in the winter season. Due to the moisture in the environment, the hair becomes very dry and they start looking like a broom. Apart from the environment, your small hair care mistakes also make the hair more vulnerable. Due to this the hair starts breaking faster. Already there is a problem of hair breakage due to wrong lifestyle, pollution (Bad Effects of Pollution on Hair), in that these mistakes damage more hair. So let us tell you that due to which small mistakes the hair starts breaking due to damage. Those are mistakes.

tie up wet hair
Many times people tie it after shampooing without drying it properly. Due to this the problem of hair fall increases even more. Along with this, due to the tight tying of wet hair, they become weak even from the root. Due to tying wet hair for a long time, smell also starts coming from the hair. Therefore, dry the hair thoroughly first and only then tie the hair.

Do not use comb on wet hair
Many times people do not have time to blow dry their hair, so they comb their wet hair. This habit can cause a lot of damage to the hair (Things that can damage your hair). Let us tell you that the roots of wet hair are very weak compared to dry hair. Due to this, the hair breaks more while solving the hair. Along with this, the roots of the hair also become very weak. First dry the hair thoroughly then comb it.

using too much dryer
Often when women are in a hurry to dry their hair, they use a hair dryer for this. It damages the hair a lot. The hot air of the dryer pulls out the moisture present in the hair. Along with this, it also damages the hair protein. It can cause split ends and dehydration in the hair. Keep in mind that the sun’s rays are the best to dry the hair.

wash hair with warm water
It is believed that giving steam to the hair is very beneficial. But, hair should not be washed with very hot water. It pulls out the moisture of the hair and makes them dry and lifeless (Hair Dryness Reasons). Try to wash your hair with normal water in cold weather. It does not damage the hair and does not lose its moisture.

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