These stars have now become completely vegetarian, leaving non-veg

Bollywood celebrities who gave up non-veg and turned vegetarian: When it comes to fitness and diet, most people consider Bollywood actors as their role models. Everyone keeps an eye on what they eat and drink. Since almost all the actors go to the gym, their main protein source is said to be non-veg. But do you know that actors like your favorite Shahid Kapoor, Riteish Deshmukh, R Madhavan and Kangana Ranaut once used to eat non-veg with passion but now they do not even touch it.

Not only this, Kangana Ranaut also gave up dairy products. Although many of these stars believe that despite relishing non-veg, it was not easy to leave it, but they were able to do so on the strength of strong willpower.

Actors who became Vegan-

Shahid Kapoor used to eat non-veg but after reading a book given by his father, Life is Fair, he stopped eating meat. Not only this, Shahid was also recognized as Asia’s sexiest vegetarian in the year 2011.

Another name on the list is Riteish Deshmukh who admits that it was not easy to quit non-veg but replaced plant-based meat with non-veg.

Similarly, Madhavan also left meat and Aamir Khan too. While Amitabh Bachchan distanced himself from it due to health issues, Aamir Khan decided to go on a vegan diet after showing a video of ex-wife Kiran Rao.

Do not even take dairy products –

Along with meat, some celebrities do not even take dairy products. In fact, along with meat, milk and milk products also come in the broader concept of animal food. In such a situation, actors like Kangana Ranaut and Aamir Khan are on a complete vegan diet, where they do not even take dairy items.

Similarly, Shraddha Kapoor was named Hottest Vegetarian by Pita. Shraddha says that she cannot skip meals but eats smart. The next name in the list is that of Bhumi Pendenkar who became a vegetarian during the lockdown.

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